Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Battle with my Body

I'm in a constant battle with my body. Rarely do I feel like my body wants what I want. It's like a bad relationship. We constantly argue. I want to be healthy and strong. My body wants to lay down, sit down, and rest. I want to feed it healthy food so I can feel better throughout my day but my body wants to eat the easy, processed food.

Now the weird thing is that as my body wins more arguments and battles, the stronger it gets. It is more influential in my mind and has more power over what I do with my day. It has more of a say in what my day will be like and what I will be eating. It takes more breaks, it procrastinates. It gets larger and harder to control.

The more battles I win, the more power I have over my body. The more I win, the more I win. As I get stronger, my body gets more rigid and the more it begins to actually agree with what I want to do. I become stronger. I start to acheive the goals and feel the way I want to feel. The body is losing, and you can see it in my abs.