Friday, August 20, 2010

How to install Witopia OpenVPN on a Linux computer

I got these instructions from Witopia’s customer support after trying to install it myself for what seemed like an eternity. Good luck!


Here are instructions on how to install in Gnome (tested on Ubunutu 9.04)

All you need to install is network-manager-openvpn.

1. install network-manager-openvpn (sudo apt-get install network-manager-openvpn -y)

2. reboot the machine (yes you could reboot the eth interface, but just easier)

3. copy the unpacked vpn files (ca.crt, (name).crt, (name).key and opevpn.conf to a folder (Documents/openvpn for example).

4. create a new VPN connection (do not import) choosing openvpn

5. input the default value from your folder you created above. Using vpn.(insert location) as the gateway - (locations =

6. ignore the password field at the bottom

7. Click advanced on the main screen

8. click ONLY the LZO compression option

9. click on the IPv4 tab, and then routes

10. choose to ignore routes created and click ok

11. click ok to accept the new settings, and close on the network manager

That’s it! Now click on the icon for the network, and use the drop down to choose the name of the vpn. You should see a gold ring go around a couple times, and then a lock appear.

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  1. "3. copy the unpacked vpn files"

    Which files?


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